very home shopping catalogue

Very home shopping catalogue

Very catalogue history
Very was previously known as Littlewoods Direct and was rebranded "Very" in 2008. The first Littlewoods home shopping catalogue had been published in 1932 by John Moores, the founder of Littlewoods Pools. Whilst todays Very catalogue has over 1,000 pages, in 1932 the Littlewoods catalogue had only 168. The catalogues were originally run by agents, who collected orders and payments from relatives, friends and neighbours and in return they received a commission.
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Today, the Very catalogue is a new concept in shopping offering customers many additional features and benefits; such as social shopping, tips and advice plus a wider range of products and exclusive collections. Very’s huge network of customers, buyers and celebrities exchange tips, share ideas, write reviews and suggest new brands and products creating a unique approach to online shopping.
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